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Why is Carpet Cleaning So Important for the Health of Your Home

Taking steps to stay healthy is a concern that is on most people's minds today. We change our diets, try to stay active, and take good care of our bodies. Although these are great ways to help, there are some outside contributing factors that you may not think about which could be negatively affecting your health. One of these is the cleanliness of the carpets in your home. 


Carpets can get dirty with all sorts of germs, pollen, pollutants, and debris particles. In the Wellington area, the winter weather can cause some issues with mould and mildew in carpets. If you have pets, their hair may be adding to the mess within your carpets as well. The biggest issues with dirty carpets are that vacuuming does not get them as clean as some people may think.

Vacuuming your carpets will only remove debris from the upper layers of the carpet fibres. No matter how much time you spend vacuuming, you cannot get to the deep, lower parts of the fibres and clean them out.

For this reason, it's wise to think about deep cleaning your carpets. Having your carpets deep cleaned regularly will remove nearly 99% of all the deep rooted pollutants and particles from within your carpets. Deep cleaning reaches down to every part of the carpet and removes whatever lies hidden underneath. 


Did you know that most carpets house dust mites? These mites get in when we walk into the house from outside. When dust mites live in your carpets, you may not necessarily notice anything for a while. Once they build up more, their feces and other debris from the colony will spread into the air when the carpet is disturbed. Having your carpets cleaned regularly will eliminate dust mites and keep them from dirtying up your carpets. 


When moisture and humidity are high in your area, vacuuming alone does not stop buildups of mould and mildew. Mould can release harmful spores into the air, causing infections and diseases to occur. A thorough steam clean takes care of most mould, preventing it from building up and having an affect on you and your family.


The main benefit of deep cleaning is that the air quality in your house will be improved significantly. Dust, dirt, and everything else that gets trapped in a carpet does not just sit there idly. When the carpet is disturbed by anything, even people walking on it, germs and dust can be launched into the air to be breathed by in by anyone occupying the house. This is why it's so important to make sure you take the initiative and have your house serviced on a regular basis. Your health and the health of those in your home could depend on it. 


Now that you have read this and decided it's time to find carpet cleaners then there is one clear choice for you. Debra's Carpet Cleaning services the greater Wellington area with expert carpet maintenance.

Whether you are in Lower Hutt, Upper Hutt, Porirua, and Wellington Debra's carpet cleaning offers affordable carpet and upholstery deep cleaning, stain removal, and odour removal. Additionally, if you need carpet repairs the highly trained staff from Debra’s can patch and re-seam carpets as well as performing other general repair work. 

Just visit Debra's carpet cleaning website, www.debrascarpetcleaning.co.nz, for more details and a free quote.

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